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Discover the finest selection of raw pet food and treats in Calgary and Edmonton!

From premium raw pet food formulas to delectable single-ingredient treats, we've got everything your pet needs for optimal nutrition. Shop now to give your pet the best, locally sourced options available!

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Your Trusted Source for Raw Pet Food in Calgary and Edmonton

At Rocky Mountain Raw, we are dedicated to providing pet owners with high-quality raw pet food and treats in Calgary and Edmonton. Our comprehensive online store offers an extensive selection of products, all crafted with your pet's health and vitality in mind.

Why Choose Us?

Looking for raw pet food or nutritious dog treats in Calgary and Edmonton? You’ll love our treats! Here’s what makes them so special:

  • Human-Grade Ingredients: All our raw pet food and treats in Calgary and Edmonton are made from the finest quality, human-grade ingredients.
  • Variety of Freeze-Dried Treats: Choose from options like Freeze-Dried Chicken, Turkey, Beef Liver, and Salmon, sourced and produced from Canadian Farms and Waters.
  • Trusted Certification: Our raw dog food formulas are carefully crafted by a certified pet nutritionist, meeting rigorous AAFCO standards for optimal pet health.
  • Picky Eater Approved: Even the fussiest dogs and cats love our single ingredient treats for their delicious taste and wholesome ingredients.
  • Allergy-Friendly Options: Our raw pet food and treats in Calgary and Edmonton are carefully crafted to help pets with allergies. From novel protein treats and vegan options, we cater to every dietary need.

Our Raw Pet Food in the Calgary and Edmonton

Discover our premium raw pet food options available in Calgary and Edmonton. From our Frozen Chicken Formula to our Frozen Beef/Chicken Mix, each product is carefully formulated to meet AAFCO standards. Whether you prefer our convenient 1/4 pound patties or our larger 6lb options, you can trust that our raw dog food will nourish your pet for a long and happy life.

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Our Raw Pet Treats in Calgary and Edmonton

Give your pet a delicious and nutritious snack with our wide range of raw pet treats available in Calgary and Edmonton. From savory options like Pork Liver and Dried Sardines to unique treats like Kangaroo Jerky and Himalayan Yak Puffs, each single-ingredient treat is carefully sourced and crafted to ensure quality and flavor.

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