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Before switching to Rocky Mountain Raw, my havanese would always be licking and scratching at his skin. His paws and other areas would get so bad, he had bald spots from licking and knawing at his skin. He would only eat his kibble a little bit at a time and could take it or leave it. Now when we feed him his raw dinner, he loves it and likes the bowl clean. Overall, he has more energy and is happier. I wouldn’t feed him anything else.


My chihuahua is very picky when it comes to her treats. She absolutely goes nuts over the Rocky Mountain Raw Treats. I recommend this brand to all of our friends with fur babies.

Maple Ridge

"Just brought this line in - Customers love the limited ingredients and are coming back quickly for not only more of the same protein - but trying different varieties. Will have to re-order soon."

Buddy’s Pet Stop

Great freeze-dried products

Order shipped and arrived in timely fashion. Excellent condition and dogs love them! Large selection of specialty products!

Sunny Star Kennels

Fantastic experience again

I've ordered twice in 2 months and each time the experience has been perfect. Krazy Kritter Kookies

Krazy Kritter Kookies