About Rocky Mountain Raw

Our Promise

At Rocky Mountain Raw, we are committed to delivering premium raw pet food and treats across Canada that prioritize your pet's health above all else. Our products are free from chemicals, preservatives, fillers, salt, and sugar, providing only the best for your pets.

Our Story

Originally founded in 2010 and now based in the Fraser Valley, BC, Rocky Mountain Raw prides itself on using locally-sourced, human-grade ingredients. Our raw pet foods are expertly formulated by a certified pet nutritionist in line with NRC standards to ensure your pet receives all the essential nutrients for a long, healthy, and happy life.

Today, Rocky Mountain Raw is a family-owned business, led by Vito and his two daughters, Courtney and Danielle. We took ownership in 2021, driven by our love for dogs and a personal challenge - finding raw dog food that our picky poodle would enjoy longer than a week. After trying Rocky Mountain Raw, not only did it win him over, but three years later, he's still eating it with the same enthusiasm. This inspired us to continue providing high-quality, delicious raw dog food and treats to other devoted pet owners across Canada.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Over 13 years of experience as a leading provider of high-quality, nutritious raw dog food and treats in Canada.
  • Meals and treats formulated by a certified pet nutritionist to meet AAFCO standards.
  • Single or limited ingredient recipes ideal for pets with sensitivities.
  • Novel protein options like Kangaroo jerky and Duck Liver for pets with allergies.
  • Easy-to-serve 1/4 pound patties for convenience without compromising nutrition.
  • Consistent high-quality across all products for health and satisfaction.
  • Single-ingredient dog and cat treats loved by even the fussiest eaters.
  • Vegan treat options available to suit all dietary needs.
  • Ingredients sourced from local farms and waters.

Our Focus

As an online raw pet food store, we specialize in creating meals and treats that contribute to the overall well-being of your pets. We are dedicated to maintaining a consistent quality across our products, ensuring that our raw pet food in Canada offers complete nutritional benefits and irresistible taste. Whether your pet is picky, has allergies, or you simply seek the healthiest food options, Rocky Mountain Raw is here to provide the best nutrition.

Our Mission

At Rocky Mountain Raw, our mission is to enhance the health and happiness of dogs through nutritionally complete and balanced raw food and treats. We are committed to using only high-quality, human-grade ingredients sourced from local farms, free from fillers, additives, and preservatives. Our goal is to provide pet owners with products that support the well-being of their pets, crafted according to the highest standards and rooted in sustainability and ethical practices. We strive to nurture the special bond between pets and their families by offering the purest, most nutritious options for a long, vibrant life.

Our Online Raw Pet Food Store

Discover the ideal nutrition for your dog with Rocky Mountain Raw’s extensive online selection of raw dog foods and treats. Our products range from various protein-rich formulas available in convenient sizes to a variety of single-ingredient treats that cater to specific dietary needs. Each item is crafted to support the health and happiness of your pet with pure, high-quality ingredients. Visit our online store today to find the perfect choice for your dog’s diet.


Rocky Mountain Raw is an online store that offers a wide range of raw pet food and treats across Canada.