We are a local, small, family-owned business based out of the Fraser Valley. Our ingredients are locally sourced and human-grade quality. Rocky Mountain Raw offers a variety of frozen raw food, as well as healthy, simple, one-ingredient treats

Our frozen, raw food is produced in convenient, pre-cut, 1/4 pound patties. Our complete raw formulas have been developed by a Pet Nutrition Consultant with a masters in Animal Nutrition.

Some raw diets have blood, water, or excessive vegetable product added to increase the volume of food, and profits along with it. This lowers their overall quality, and means your pet needs to eat more in order to receive adequate nourishment. Rocky Mountain Raw doesn’t add any filler, which means your pet will receive optimal nutrition with smaller portion sizes. This gives you better value for your dollar. No added liquid also means our blends are chewable when frozen.

At Rocky Mountain Raw we believe that a premium raw diet should be affordable for all pet owners. We work hard to deliver you one of the highest quality, most convenient raws on the market starting at $2.50/lb (prices may vary by retailer).

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